Reasons Luton Minibus is Far Better for Small Groups Than Vans

If you travel frequently, you have an idea that finding a reliable transportation service is not easy. At the time you travel in a group, the number of passengers limits the option too. It is when people fail to decide whether they should hire a Luton minibus or a van.

Minibuses are the easiest way to of transportation, mainly for small groups. Whether you are going to a sports event, the company even, church or at a wedding. But the question many asked is that why minibus is better than the van. In the article, you learn the difference between both rides and able to make a choice accordingly, too.

Better for More Passengers

The size difference in both rides is pretty clear. The vans are very cramped as compare to the minibus. You may not know, but most of the vans can fit in only 12 to 15 passengers. But in the minibus, the options increases. They come in many different sizes, so you can pick the one that suits the best with your needs, requirements and budget.

It is just one point, but already many can make their decisions on the basis of it. Still, there is a long way ahead, so don’t miss any point and keep reading the article.

Store Products

The minibuses have extra space as compare to the vans. In a van, you cannot fit in items separately, but the minibus have a choice for the customers. It is the reason people hire a minibus to travel to and fro from an airport too. In vans, only a few things can fit in and all that under the seat. In short, you can compare the storage space of the van with the minibus. It is because the minibus will take over easily.

Ride Safely

At the time people book a ride to travel anywhere, they prefer to reach the location safe and sound. The minibuses are designed in an advanced manner. So the experience of a person become better in it. On the other hand, vans are not secured enough, and the main difference occurs because of construction difference.

Dual rear wheel and steel cage are the main features of the minibus. They provide a lot of safety to the customer. The dual rear wheel decreases the risk of rollover, and the steel cage construction protects the customer from injuries in case some sort of accident happened.

More Comfortable

Everyone prefers to experience a relaxing ride. The seats of the minibuses are very comfortable as mainly bucket seats are installed in them. Contrary to that, in van bench seats are installed that are not at all comfortable. Moreover, in the minibus, headroom is more, and seat belts are for all. All these features increase the level of the minibus.

Better Passenger Accessibility

If we talk about accessibility, the minibuses are better as they are easy to board. In vans, the first step is quite high, so it becomes hard for older people to board. Also, to make things even easier for the customers, the entry assist handles are there in minibuses. It makes it even simple for everyone to board in the vehicle.

All these are little things that you learned above but create a huge difference. It is because these days’ people prefer advanced technology. They don’t want to spend money on services that didn’t benefit them in any way. But don’t think the plus points of minibuses ends here as there are few to come.

More Amenities

The traditional vans don’t have many amenities, but minibus features are extraordinary. In standard vans, air conditioning and radio system are available. But don’t expect anything more than this. Again in a minibus, you get options like overhead and rear storage space, air conditioning, large, plush seats, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and the list goes on. It means if you are planning a long-distance trip, the minibus is the best. You feel like you are at home when travelling.

Know-How of the Driver

When you book the minibus from a reliable company, they assigned a trained and skilled driver. They know the routes well and make the sure customer don’t face any sort of trouble during the journey. You can even take the interview of the driver before hiring a service. The companies check the background of the driver before hiring them in the firm. Moreover, the driver stays in uniform on duty. They never interfere in your matter and follow everything you ask.

From the above points, it is clear that hiring a minibus service is the best for a small group of travellers. All they have to do is find the right company. This problem gets solved right here, too, as Dunstable Minibus Hire is there. They have multiple size minibuses. Pick one you think is the best according to your budget. You can even do the inspection of the minibus on your own by visiting the company’s office.

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