A Round Up of Practice Fusion EHR Pros and Cons

How Can An EHR Help My Practice?

An EHR is an acronym that stands for electronic health record. This is software that tackles the difficult and somewhat arduous task of managing patient records at medical practices and clinics. Practice Fusion EHR is a big name in this industry, created by Allscripts in 2005.

Practice Fusion is a leader when it comes to cloud-based electronic record management, and is partnered with various other software to create a seamless and smooth medical billing system offered in conjunction with the EHR solution. 

The software is available online and can also be made portable by use on mobile or tablet devices, meaning physicians can access it anywhere they need. 

The Pros of Using Practice Fusion EHR

Here are some of the benefits of using Practice Fusion, as told by real businesses that have been using the software in practice. 

Excellent Navigation Tools

One of the greatest features that the software offers to businesses is the fact that there is easy-to-use navigation available, which, unlike most other electronic health record software, does not require detailed training to use and work with. 

The features are laid out in a smooth and easy way, making them simple and straightforward for all users, regardless of their background in IT. Most of the reviewers mentioned this is an important perk of the software, stating it was very easy to learn the requirements of the system.

Some clients also pointed out that the software makes it easy to edit and add new information without having to type out the same information every single time. Things seem to be organized, and the portability and remote use also make the navigation easier. 

Good for Small Practices

When Practice Fusion first became available as an EHR software, it used to available for free. However, since it was acquired by Allscripts, a monthly subscription fee was required to use the software, however, the fee is still affordable compared to other EHR software. 

According to reviews from practices that have used Practice Fusion EHR, a great perk that makes this software a lucrative choice remains its affordable price point, which makes for an excellent deal especially for small independent practices on a budget. 

Some reviewers also pointed out that Practice Fusion works best for first-time medical staff and people who are looking to learn how EHR works before using larger-scale enterprising tools that are often available to hospitals and larger clinics. 

Portable Software Features

Practice Fusion is cloud-based software, meaning all the data you enter into it is secured and synced with a cloud service. The best thing about this feature is that it is accessible to all users at any time and place as long as they have a device and a strong internet connection.

Practice Fusion can be accessed by doctors and physicians on the go using their phone or tablet device, such as an iPad, to regularly access and stay up to date with information regarding their patient’s health and wellness. 

The Cons of Using Practice Fusion EHR

Here are some of the drawbacks of using Practice Fusion, as told by real businesses that have been using the software in practice. 

There’s no Offline Backup

As mentioned above, Practice Fusion is a web-based service. While this can definitely be a huge perk when it comes to accessing data on the go, it can become quite problematic when practices are dealing with connectivity issues with the Internet.

Some practices mentioned that when the internet is down, the entire system stops working because of a lack of offline backup of the data on local networks. This can become problematic when there are long shutdowns that can seriously stall work at the clinic. 

Integration May Be Tough 

Practice Fusion does not provide in-house practice management and billing services and instead opts to work with some other software solutions that provide these services. However, according to some practices, integration with these solutions can be difficult.

When reviewers tried to integrate billing software into Practice Fusion, they had to deal with a lot of cleaning up and scrubbing, which works to slow down the work of the billing department entirely and can be quite a frustrating thing to do every time data is added. 

Difficult to Manipulate

According to some reviews of Practice Fusion EHR, it can be difficult to manipulate the models to suit the kind of work you are carrying out. This is possible, but it requires experts to take the lead and is not accessible to everyone who is using the software. 

Some reviewers also mentioned that updates to the software happen haphazardly with sometimes little to no warning, which means the business has to adapt to new updates in a matter of days to continue using the software. 

Final Verdict – Is Practice Fusion Worth It?

After reading through the pros and cons of using Practice Fusion EHR, you may be left wondering if it is the right software for you. For a more detailed look at this, you can request a Practice Fusion demo from the vendor for clarity on how the software will perform in practice.

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