Features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit in India

A fixed deposit is inherently a safe and secured form of investments as it is not affected by market fluctuations. Fixed Deposits are the low-risk investment avenue and ideal for investors who do not want to take a risk on their funds. 

Fixed Deposits are available with the authorized banks and reputed NBFCs. The returns on FDs are competitive if invested with the right institution. Iinvestors can make an informed decision with a little research while investing in a fixed deposit scheme. The FD rates comparison among different schemes will serve the purpose of choosing the right fixed deposit scheme. 

The interest rate offered by NBFCs is pretty high as compared to banks. Bajaj Finance is one of the reputed NBFCs providing lucrative interest rates on fixed deposits. They are aimed at providing a better rate of interest and services to their customers. You can open an online FD account in easy steps. It is a completely paperless process. Bajaj Finance FD is a well-designed product that suits the needs of every type of investor. Some of the features of Bajaj Finance FD are mentioned here.

Features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits 

Minimum Deposit

One can easily start investing in FDs with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25000. It is better to invest a lump sum amount in the fixed deposit account and earn a decent return than let it be idle in your savings account. 

Fixed Deposit Calculator

To know the future value of your funds to be invested in the fixed deposits, you can use its fixed deposit interest calculator. By using Bajaj Finance FD calculator, you can get a clear idea about the returns even before making any investment. It will be helpful to invest the right amount of money to meet your financial goals.

Flexible Tenor

Bajaj Finance fixed deposits are available with flexible options for tenor. The tenor for FDs ranges from 12 to 60 months. One can choose the fixed deposit tenor based on the liquidity requirements. 

Attractive Rate of Return

With Bajaj Finance fixed deposit, you can earn at a lucrative rate of interest. The rate of interest may go up to 7.25% depending on the investor’s category, investment tenor, investment amount etc. For senior citizens, an additional 0.25% rate of interest is offered. 

Online Application Process 

The process to invest in the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is seamless and completely online. One can easily invest in the fixed deposit from the comfort of the home. 

Auto-Renewal Facility 

One can opt for the auto-renewal facility while applying for the fixed deposit. At the time of maturity, the fixed deposit will be auto-renewed and invested for the next stated tenor. 

Easy Loan against the FD

One can easily get the loan against the Bajaj Finance fixed deposit after the initial lock-in period of 6 months. It is a good option to eliminate the loss of interest rate because you need not withdraw the fixed deposit before maturity in any financial urgency instead avail of the loan against the fixed deposit. A loan amount up to 75% of the fixed deposit value can be sanctioned. 

Multi Deposit Facility

With Bajaj Finance, you need to fill the single application form to open multiple fixed deposits accounts. This multi-deposit facility simply feature saves your time and eases the process of investment. 

The Bottom Line 

Thus, these are the main features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits that makes it the most convenient investment available for both the long-term and the short-term investors to meet their financial goals. Go ahead and grow your funds with Bajaj Finance FD from the comfort of your home.

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