Top EMR for Primary Care 2021 Edition

Is EMR Software Important?

EMR software are a need these days rather than a luxury. Chances are that you probably already have an EMR software employed at your practice and unless you are setting up a new practice from scratch have experience with these software. According to most state laws, EHR software are mandatory. If you are looking to switch your EHR software because it is not catering to your needs then perhaps we can help you. 

In this piece, we have compiled a list of the best EMR for primary care which might be a better choice for your practice. If you are reading this, we are assuming you are unhappy with your current EMR partner and want to switch. And who better to switch to than software which are considered the best in the industry! If you are interested in this, then keep reading to learn more. 

Best EMR for Primary Care for 2021


The first software on our list for best EMR for primary care is RXNT which is a very popular EHR option. There are several features in this software which earn it a place in our list but the most important one that we think is worth mentioning is that the software scales to your needs. This means if you are a small practice that plans on expanding, you are able to easily adjust the software and scale it to the magnitude of your needs. Another great feature which will help your primary care practice is the feature which allows you to draw up treatment plans very easily! This means you can make detailed and helpful treatment plans which make appointments and treating patients much more simple than before! 


The next software we want to talk about is DrChrono EHR which has a multitude of features which are perfect for a primary care practice. This software has a templates feature which allows you to access pre-built forms which you can even further customize to fit the needs of your practice even better. This feature allows you to make sure you can reduce the time it takes to jot down and add patient information to your files. You are able to save a lot of time during appointments and as a primary care practice, time is of the essence since you need to be able to see as many patients in a day as possible and this feature allows you to cut down appointment times considerably! 


One of the most popular names on our list for best EMR for primary care is athenaOne which is a very popular EMR across various specialities. This software has earned a reputation over the years for being very reliable. The software provides you with a patient portal feature which allows your patients access to a portal through which they can log on and schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming visits and much more. They can even use this portal to fill out health care questionnaires before their visit which allows both parties to save on time during the appointment and also helps you get a detailed medical history for your patient which comes in handy during your clinical diagnosis and constructing treatment plans. 


PrognoCIS is another EHR software we want to mention in our list for best EMR for primary care. This software again has several features which are great and allow you to manage your practice much more efficiently. The telemedicine feature in this software helps you to connect with your patients who are unable to come to your practice. This feature allows you access to a wider patient base since geography is no longer an issue. You can attend patient appointments through a video calling feature. This feature was especially important during Covid-19 for primary care practices as due to the fear of contracting Covid-19, physical appointments at medical clinics and practices were not preferred! 


The last software in our list for best EMR for primary care is Kareo EMR which again is highly popular and has a wonderful reputation. This software has a lot of features which make managing your practice a lot easier. The software is also deployed via cloud based services which means you are able to access it remotely and on the go. This allows you to access your practice and its work remotely while physically being away from your office or practice. Because of this capability in the software, you are able to use a mobile app or a web app for the software and access it very easily. 

Which of these Primary Care EMR you Should get?

Now that we have told you about several EHR software and their perks, you are probably wondering which of these software you should invest in. Well, we cannot make the decision for you since that depends on your personal needs as a primary care practice. 

The software in this list are all considered the best EMR for primary care because of the reputation or features they possess. However, we encourage you to look at all the features a software has to offer and then choose a software which matches most of your needs. 

We also ask that you contact the vendor for whichever EHR you are most interested in and request them for a demo of the software before you commit to it. This will help you figure out whether the software is the right choice for you. Hopefully, whichever software you choose will be the right software choice for you and the needs of your primary care practice.

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