Essential Packaging Tips for a Safe Move

Moving houses can be a hectic task, and packaging is one of the most critical aspects of it. To make sure no unwanted accidents happen while you are shifting homes, pack your items carefully.

Not all of us can afford packers, so DIY is our go-to option. Also, packers can charge a lot of money which doesn’t make any sense as there are going to be additional costs in the new place.

Packing an entire house can take a lot of time and hard work, so better start early. Combining and packing heavy items, knives, electronic appliances can get challenging at times. Be sure to protect your belongings with good-quality packaging materials. Buy supplies from a reputable company like Wellpack Europe.

Overpacking is a major issue that can lead to significant damage to properties. Just because you can fit 100 pounds of items in a medium-sized carton doesn’t mean you should. House moving boxes come in various sizes, and to ensure proper packing, invest in three to four sizes. Don’t stack more than 50 pounds in a small box, 60-65 pounds in a medium box, and 70-75 pounds in a large container.

Another important thing is to make a checklist of the budget. If you want to keep everything on a reasonable budget, make sure to plan for it prior to three weeks. Keep track of packaging supplies like large bubble wraps, corrugated paper rolls, and removal boxes being used. This helps to keep your house shifting organised.

Many people hire movers based on the discount or an alluring quote. This is the biggest blunder ever!

Research enough before hiring a moving company. Ask the necessary questions before signing a contract. Read online reviews and weigh the pros and cons of the company.

Want to make your next move a smooth ride? We have a list of moving tips for you. Scroll down below!

Essential Packaging Tips for a Safe Move

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