Enjoy your travelling with your baby in the best possible way

If you are planning a trip with your baby, you may be under real stress regarding all the packing and essentials for your baby. It can be a challenge for you to travel with your baby and enjoy at the same time.

Whether you are planning a trip abroad or a day trip, you have to be very careful with some basic factors such as your baby’s toys, clothes, food etc.

Travelling with your baby

With the right planning and packing for your baby, your travelling can be a breeze for you else. It can be a problem. Babies are portable. Still, is it easy to travel with them?

If it’s your first family trip, you have to take care of a lot many things to keep your baby happy and occupied. You have to be careful of many factors such as destination, transportation, weather etc.

You have to be more flexible and adaptive to situations that are flexible for you and your baby.

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Tips to make your baby travel smooth

  1. Work with baby’s routine.

The best way to travel with your baby is by matching your baby’s routine. Try to travel when your baby is taking some sleep and take breaks when your baby is wide awake.

During your journey, try to set off early and take a break during your overnight journey.

2. Keep your baby engaged.

Keep lots and lots and toys for your baby to keep him/her engaged. Your baby may tend to throw many toys, but you have to keep them engaged and busy, so they do not get cranky during the journey.

3. Get all the baby toys.

In case your baby likes a dummy, keep all the dummies along you’re your journey. Make sure that you do not buy any dangerous dummy that has strangulation hazards.

4. Take regular breaks

It may sound obvious, but it is a very important tip. Stopping your car for a loo break may be common for you bit stopping more than that and taking a rest for a while can be a good idea for you and your baby. 

If you want to avoid a cranky baby and crankier parents, stop your car, sit back and plan to sip a coffee. This will refresh everybody and give them a breather from the continuous ride. Also, this break will give relaxation to their legs.

5. Adjust your speakers accordingly

You may enjoy music during your journey but do not keep the speakers and volume too loud. Adjust your speaker in a baby-friendly way.  

6. Take a large variety of music!

Along with your music collection, keep some music collection for your baby also to make them happy and busy.  

7. Invest in a large baby car mirror

Get a big car mirror that you can attach to your baby seat. It will give you a sigh of relief and peace of mind. Remove that mirror at night time when your baby sleeps.

8. Keep your baby comfortable.

Dress up your baby in the most comfortable clothes so that they do not get restless. Since it’s a long journey, the comfortable dressing should be the main thing.

Do not keep your baby too warm or do not make him a bundle of clothes.

This can make your baby uncomfortable and make him irritable.  Also, remember to keep your baby hydrated on hot journeys.

9. Pack the luggage in the boot

If you are travelling with a baby, try to pack your luggage in the boot. Avoid packing all the stuff into the spare back seat.

This way, if your baby gets cranky, you do not have to stop your car in mid-journey and interrupt your journey. If you stop, someone can easily go back to entertain them.

10. Enjoy the car journey to the fullest.

You have to accept the fact that you have to go slow in your journey when you are with your kids. Things are very different when you are driving alone.

You have to move slowly to make your baby comfortable and adjust to your journey. Instead of stopping your car at service stations, you can stop your car at some great wildlife parks, adventure parks or country parks and stretch your legs.

This way, you can experience the scenic beauty, and also your baby can enjoy nature.


Travelling long distances with your baby for the first time can be problematic and new for you.

You have to be fully prepared with everything to make your baby feel comfortable as well as make him enjoy the journey.

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