What Size of Bubble Wrap Roll Do You Need?

In the packaging world, surface protection is done by void fillers to cushion the product inside. Bubble wrap is one such packaging material that effectively does it all—protects the products and wraps them.

Choosing the wrong size of bubble wrap rolls can be dangerous both for the business and customers. Not all bubble wrap sizes are suited for every product. Investing in the correct size will ensure your product’s safety during transportation.

What Are the Sizes of Bubble Wrap Rolls Available in The Market?

Considering the diameter of the bubbles and their thickness, sizes can vary for bubble wraps. Generally, they come in:

  • 1/8- inch thick- Great for smaller items
  • 3/16- inch thick- Standard bubble wrap suited for medium weight items
  • 5/16-inch thick- Slightly bigger size bubble helpful as protective packaging and additional product support
  • 1/2 – inch thick- Large bubble size best for electronics and void filling

How to Choose the Right Size of Bubble Wrap?

This entirely depends on your product size and type. For instance, electronic items need more protection than books.

1/8- Inch Thick

Small bubble wraps are perfect for preventing items from scratches or scrapes. Companies that ship smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other lightweight but delicate products need this wrapping.

Sometimes, gadgets can get destroyed by static electricity during shipping. If you ship gadgets, make sure to invest in anti-static bubble wrap rolls.

Small wraps are usually pink in colour and designed specifically to safely dissipate electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD damages electronics along with harming workers.

Sometimes, these small bubble wraps are also used as edge protectors during moving or transporting heavier items.

3/16-Inch Thick

A very common size for bubble wrap rolls, 3/16-inch bubble wraps, protects products against scratches, dents, and chipping. Glassware is favourably packed in these wraps due to its versatility and ease of maintenance.

It is often referred to as small bubble cushions. It is heavily used by moving companies to pack household objects. Sometimes, digital cameras, kitchen appliances are also wrapped in these bubble wrap rolls.

5/16-Inch Thick

Custom products like artwork, sculptures, and even furniture require adequate surface protection and shock absorption. These large roll of bubble wrap with bigger air bubbles are ideal for wrapping bulky items (mirrors, frames, artworks). Basically, objects which require robust padding and void filling are best for this type of bubble wrap.

The large bubbles help to fill the voids during shift or transit. These are often regarded as medium bubble cushions.

1/2 – Inch Thick

These large bubble wraps are primarily manufactured to be used as void fillers. They are universally used for various commercial product packaging. The oversized cells fill out any empty spaces inside the containers. A lot of moving and shipping companies use these for household products or grouped items.

Customised Bubble Wraps

A lot of packaging companies do custom-sized and perforated bubble wrap rolls. These bubble wraps can be ordered according to your product specifications.  

Some essential tips to keep in mind before choosing bubble wrap rolls

  • Ordering the wrong size bubble wrap can cost you your business reputation. So, ensure the measurements, length, and width of the bubble wrap before ordering in bulk.
  • Buying too much bubble wrap isn’t necessary. Left-out bubble wraps often get dirty, and the air bubbles pop. Thus, you will end up buying even more bubble wraps. Do not go crazy with the quantity. Instead, buy these packaging materials from a wholesale company with speedy delivery.
  • Invest in good-quality bubble wraps. And it is best to keep two variations of sizes at least. To ensure the quality, check for their elasticity and how long the bubbles stay intact.
  • If you are an e-commerce company, you will likely have multiple products of different sizes to deliver. Differentiate between small bubble wrap rolls, medium rolls, and large bubble rolls. It’s simple, as the items increase in size, so should the bubble wrap size.
  • Maintain a good connection with one wholesaler for all your packaging supplies. Find a one with speedy delivery service and good customer support like Packaging Midlands. This way, you can place an order faster and don’t even need to explain your needs.

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