Flydubai is Flying High

In 1980, the Dubai government established the Fly Dubai Airline. Flydubai not only the part of The Emirates Group, Emirates supported Flydubai in different phase. Government of Dubai started the company officially in March 2008 and the Government of Dubai formed the city’s very low cost airline. And in June of that year Flydubai ordered and showed 50 Boeing 737-800 NG at the Farnborough Airshow. Flydubai now flies more than 1400 Flights a week, with over 500 Pilots. Use Flydubai Offers for availing discounts at your bookings.

Network for Flydubai

Flydubai is continually deciding to add new places to its network. Recently when Flydubai expanded their network then they decided opened some new routes like Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, the aim is to not only continue to expand their network, but for making your journey as efficient as possible, with more regular flights, more routes and more comfortable in flight options or services. Don’t forget to use Flydubai Offers for availing amazing discounts.

Their Team

Team of Flydubai is not only workers; they are all like a Family. Flydubai currently employs more than 4000 colleagues from 128 countries. Flydubai always remains in search of the finest talent of industry around the globe. The employees of flying Dubai have good manners and deal with you in a polite way. You can avail amazing discount on your bookings by using Flydubai Offers.

The comfort of Business class

June 2012 was the year Flydubai announced a Business Class for more relaxed and personal and excellent flying experience and by June 2015, 85 of Flydubai’s destinations have the business class service. Business class of Flydubai has comfortable seats with extra comfort with wide seats and more legroom. You will also connect to Flydubai on-board Wi-Fi packages and you won’t have to worry about losing network connection while you are travelling. Using Flydubai Offers at your bookings will give you amazing discounts.

Flydubai Economy Class

Flydubai economy class seats are very relaxing. Flydubai economy class seats are also a high quality ergonomic comfort and innovative and excellent design sets. Each seat has a pocket at the top of the seats. If you want more legroom you will get to stretch out and relax. Full meals are provided on some services to European and African destinations. Alcoholic beverages and additional snacks can be purchased like if you are vegetarian and no vegetarian both types of meal will be offered on-board after main service has finished. You can also pre-book hot meals on the other flights within the network, and on flights over 3 hours and on shorter flights, a full menu of wraps and sandwiches is available. You can also purchase from the crew or from the personal touch screens in each seat. You can make your travel more economical by using Flydubai Offers.

Ways to Book

The business team of Flydubai is there for you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Booking flights, change a booking, select your seat or choose a meal they’re ready to help. So, start your journey with Flydubai. You can book online from your phone with Flydubai official app., don’t forget to use Flydubai Offers code for availing discounts.

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