Everything regarding “My Total Connect Comfort” App in short

“My Total Connect Comfort” app is specially designed for Thermostat, with the help of ‘my connect comfort app’ and a strong Wi-Fi network a user and easily control the temperature of the thermostat. the smart app connects easily with mytotalconnectcomfort login, and act as a bridge between user and the thermostat. The ‘my total connect comfort’ also connect with the Thermostat of many device like. 

● Prestige 

● Prestige IAQ 

● Wireless FocusPRO 

● EConnect Comfort System 

● Honeywell’s Internet Gateway. 

Change the setting of the Thermostat, and also allow you easily organize the time for heating and cooling of the Thermostat. The App also allow you to change the heating settings of the thermostat. As compare to other smart app for thermostat, my total connect control, show five days weather prediction in your smart device. The new my total connect control app work easily in apple and android device. Some settings of the app my change but a lot of settings are same in app for both the objective i.e., android and apple. In this app a new and advanced feature is added with the help of this feature, user can able to check out-to-door evaporation/humidity. Sometime a user in its office and home uses more than one thermostat, in this situation you can easily access to different thermostat with the single device, this is one of the biggest advantage of using “my total connect comfort app”, one more advantage is that it comes with maximum and minimum limit, if the thermostat cross these limits the alert sound start in your device, and you can check and control the temperature of the thermostat. the all times favorite function of many users of this app is that it come with automatic update and automatically updated to new features, when new features arrived. 

What to do when ‘my total connect comfort’ app show erroe or not working: 

There is some rare chance happened when ‘my total connect comfort’, did not work properly or show any error while using the app. There is some situation happened in the app may be a technical error or a network issue, so my total connect comfort app will not work properly. To Fight with this type of conditions, please check the steps given below: 

o While your app is not working or showing an error related to network connectivity, please check the network connection on your device and also in your thermostat, maybe this problem occurs when something is wrong with your Internet Connectivity. 

o As new ‘my total connect comfort’ app come with automatic update feature, sometime it starts updating automatically, at that time we are not able to use the app, it shows that the app is not installed. In this situation please wait until the automatic updated is not completed to use the app. 

o Click in the given link to know more regarding not working of my total connect comfort app. 

Troubleshooting of mytotalconnectcomfort.com when the site is not working properly:

When a user use www.mytotalconnectcomfort.com, at the same time a lot of user uses the dame platform for different work, there are also a lot of new user register themselves and a lot of old users sign-in into their account at website. Due to a lot of traffic on site, sometimes the site crashes or not working properly, so make patience and try again after some time. 

Some steps are given below to know more when site is not working. 

Check your internet connection on your device. If your internet is not working properly, then it takes a lot of time to load the site. Or sometimes it shows error due to bad connectivity. 

Check weather the information provided by use to sign up or to login is correct or not. If you give wrong information or enter wrong password then you are not able to login into the site. So please check one more time your all entries before submitting to open the site. 

Sometime due to heavy traffic on site or due to other technical reason the site will not work properly, or the speed of opening and closing the options on site may take time. In this situation please take patience and try to login in after sometime. 

When our support team update the site information and perform any change in the site, then you may have trouble to open the site, so please open after sometime, it is better to open the time after a short period of time maybe after a couple of hours. So that you did not face any problem to open and close the site. 

for more troubleshooting related to mytotalconnectcomfort.com not working check here.

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