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To most people, a cable tie may seem basic and rather unattractive. After all, at first glance, most of what one sees is an arrangement of cables used to carry signals or electricity. There are usually many components throughout the harness, with many splits and terminations at each bifurcation. However, the concept of a harness is to simply take what can be a complex jumble of cables and turn them into a whole. So use the cable tie to manage the cables. This allows installers and maintenance personnel to come in and out as often as needed for repairs and upgrades.

Over time, the way our world works has become quite dependent on technology and the flow of digital information. As a result, the development of more complex and detailed wiring harnesses has made them part of everything around us. As an example.

The cable tie industry

You may not realize it, but new cars are filled with electrical components. In fact, take a look at the schematics of modern cars; every car, truck and SUV has a multi-colored spider web inside the frame. While you may pride yourself on knowing how to change your oil, can you properly work on the wiring system of a 2022 car?

Industrial Applications

Almost all manufacturing processes use computers and computer-aided work. At the heart of these powerful machines is the wiring harness.

Medical field

You may still have a heartfelt image of the sweet old doctor who made house calls with his trusty black bag. But today’s medical field is fast-paced, with personnel making quick decisions on multiple patients at a moment’s notice. More importantly, the technology used must also operate at that speed. This includes the technology used for diagnosis and treatment, which must work as flawlessly as possible.


In case you missed it, over the past few years, military commercials on television have turned into snazzy, high-tech, very flashy propaganda about what a career in the armed forces can bring to your life. This is due in large part to the fact that the military has become one of the most technologically advanced areas of society. Much of the weaponry on land, at sea and in the air has become almost sci-fi like technology, so the harnesses used to build these weapons have to be built to very specific specifications to withstand this punishment.

Use HDMI cable for Telecommunications

Few technological advances have changed the course of history as much as the development of telecommunications. Not only have personal communications changed dramatically, but industries like the medical field and military communications have been changed forever. At the heart of all of this is the wire harness. You can use the HDMI cable for better and fast communication.


Much of the pre-production work for wire harnesses can actually be done through automation. For some, the use of automation is a bit of a “bad” word, as it is often confused with the idea of taking away individual work. However, automation can actually go a long way in streamlining the order process, allowing manufacturers to complete more consistent, higher quality work over time and, more importantly, on time.

Manual Manufacturing

One final note on automation, the importance of hand-made wire harnesses remains an important part of the process, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, almost all manufacturers take great pride in the skills and years of experience that their workforce brings to the table. In addition, the use of automated processes and manual work can make production more cost effective.

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