How to Brand Well for Cannabis Products

In this article, you’ll find straightforward ideas on how to perfectly do branding for your marijuana product’s packaging. The tips and tricks you’ll explore here will help your cannabis brand to become future-proof so customers continue to happily purchase your cannabinoid products in the next twenty years or so. But this is possible when your encased product is also of high quality. To begin with, hemp, weed or CBD-based brands are in no shortage out there.

Where on one hand you’ll see some brands using just the green leaf as a branding symbol, while others are really nailing it by completely or partially rejecting this idea and innovatively doing branding.  Some have so much to print and convey, whereas other do it subtly in a minimalist way through their packaging boxes. But, here we’ll explore some examples of successful marijuana businesses that are absolutely nailing it with their branding.

Premium & High-end Marijuana Branding on Packaging

Some 30 years ago, marijuana was used for recreation only by broke people. But today, medical science views it as something that has a host of therapeutic benefits. It’s now being used in different forms by many people from different walks of life in a variety of products types. But, for those looking for the best of the best, luxury branding of both CBD products and THC products can help a lot to appeal to such a segment of users.

The black color is a potent tool in terms of color psychology to depict luxury, high-class, and elegance. This is why ‘Kanibi’, a cannabis packaging that makes CBD and THC infused products use black with a rich green to form the color scheme of their products for a high-end look. Beboe is another CBD brand that goes one step ahead by avoiding a luxury color like black and the cannabis leaf completely. You can visit their website and see how they’ve managed to pull off luxurious and graceful packaging with soft-tone colors.

Branding That’s Fun & Colorful

The healing capacity of marijuana products for different ailments. Particularly the THC and CBD products are known for providing relief from mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These products give hope to people by taking them from darkness to light with healing. An ideal branding technique is to use color palettes that are bright and depict life. A confectionery brand named Defonce Chocolatier is doing the same very well in its branding.

Yet another example of a brand that’s using inspirational packaging design which is also easy to remember is being done by Sonder. Their innovative vape cartridge packaging also meets all legal requirements. It shows how dedicated businesses make their branding future-proof.

Environment Friendliness & Branding

Be it weed or CBD, it all comes from the same green plant that grows in the soil.

You can use this raw image to bring sustainability and nature maintenance into your brand’s values. Bloom Farms (a cannabis product brand) strategically uses the natural-brown and coarse texture of kraft stock to represent their responsibility towards sustainability. Another brand called Jacob Hooy uses a rough, natural beige texture and various shades of green color to get customers’ eyeballs to roll in and look at the natural properties of the product. Focusing on the sustainability and eco-friendly aspect of your product as you brand, ensure to not exaggerate statements and unclear branding. This frowned upon approach is called greenwashing and is detrimental to building customers’ trust in your brand.

Legalities to Watch Out for in Weed Branding

Marijuana is still a hotly debated product with areas in the legal discourse and how authorities and society perceive its usage in different forms.

Some states in America have made all its byproducts legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. Whereas some have legalized it for medicinal use only, while other states and countries have policies of zero tolerance. Here are some legal aspects to bear in mind as you brand your marijuana business.

Be careful with cartoons

The imagery of cartoons is not permitted in the marketing of cannabis products and is strictly prohibited by the law in most states. It’s because cartoons appeal to children, which legislators have taken serious note of and made laws to avoid. The branding of cannabis products should only be aimed at people aged twenty-one and above. Even for medicinal purposes.

Keep Copyright Infringement in Mind

Illegal infringement of copyright can put your brand to an end, no matter what you’re selling. Especially, when we’re talking about edibles, be careful to make sure you avoid any infringements. Be careful while giving names to your products. Avoid blindly leveraging other cannabis brand’s products notoriety, for example, ‘Girl Scout Cookies’. This will land you in serious trouble with the authorities.

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