6 Special Attributes of Kraft Boxes

Although kraft boxes have a very simplistic nature, but their myriads of uses make them outstanding. Nowadays, brands want to do packaging such that it triple folds their efforts towards brand awareness and boosts sales. And for having such results, they need a packaging that’s versatile and allows innovation in printing and structuring. The answer to this then turns out to be kraft packaging boxes. Custom kraft packaging boxes effectively promote product of any kind and distinguishes product packaging from competitors. The special features unique to kraft paper boxes is what makes them stand out.

Below we’ll quickly explore those special aspects:

Kraft Packaging Resists Atmospheric Dust

Many a times, products are kept in storerooms for longer periods. This happens when product stock is not sold quickly. However, in this situation, products become susceptible to earth. In product packaging boxes made from other types of materials, the dust must be cleaned off of the surface. Otherwise, the dust leaves stubborn stains that ruin the packaging’s look. On the other hand, kraft boxes are resistant to dust. But how? It’s because the outer texture of these boxes is a natural brownish. Therefore, you don’t have to take the pains to clean hundreds of boxes every day. Moreover, stains do not get highlighted on custom kraft packaging boxes unlike other packaging materials. Boxes made from kraft do phenomenally well at effective presentation of your boxes. They’re like the displayed billboards for advertising your products – thanks to the quality printing they allow on top. Brands that do not do good at product presentation, need to bring novelty with kraft packaging for standing out.

Distinguishing Brand Identity

Today, brands strive hard to make their products to look unique in an ocean of other similar products. It’s possible with the never ending customizations you can do with kraft packaging. It’s up to you if you want to get as much innovative by printing kraft boxes in eye-catching colors. Leaving the outer brown as it is, and printing only the inside with designs also creates a profound impression. Kraft papers texture allows amazing prints using modern printing techniques to enhance product appeal and brand perception. Printing these boxes with digital or screen printing techniques provides results with the highest quality outlook and increased ratings. In order to make your brand distinguishable from other competitors, you can foil stamp your imaginative logo in burnish gold. Also, deboss products information to highlight and make attractive rather than bland.

Cut Out Designs

When you have kraft boxes cut out in beautiful patterns, customers can have a sneak peek inside the product. Also, die-cutting a window in different shapes is another amazing way to show off products elegantly. This way, you’ll make quick sales, as this will positively influence customers’ buying decision. Die-cut designs let your customers to peek inside to see the product with a clear view on features. They can do so, no matter where the packaging is placed. Cut outs show that your brand pays attention to details and that it’s committed to excellent customer experience. This enhances value of your brand in minds of customers. Also, customers feel more attached to your products and services with breathtaking designing. Designs for cut outs or window die-cutting are myriad – and you can make your brand distinguishable just by that.

Sustainability Aspect

Kraft paper is easy biodegradable in open landfills and that new kraft packaging can be made from 100% recycled kraft. This aspect makes kraft boxes an attractive option for businesses. These boxes can be broken down with ease, which lowers the risk of waste being accumulated and harming the environment.

Print Anything

One amazing thing is that kraft boxes can be printed in many ways. Have your company logo printed with brand name in attractive typography. It can imprint unique fonts so the letters are easily visible. All colors can be printed and they look distinguishable too. White color especially look amazing if done with the right printing technique. However, the natural brown has a grace of its own and is low cost too. That’s why many brands prefer to get unique in this way. So, you can have your Kraft boxes printed or delivered in all-natural state. These boxes printed in intricate graphics always add more value and style to your business and brand.

Superior Protection

Kraft paper due to its high strength, when formed into a packaging box, provides impressive protection to packed products. Kraft stocks also come in different degrees of thicknesses – making them even more protective in nature. These thicknesses very between 280GSM to 550GSM. Therefore, products ranging from processed foods to delicate fashion accessories and apparels can be packed in custom boxes made from kraft.

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