This Week’s Top Stories About 4k Android Tv

We have come so far in terms of technology and innovations. Buying best Smart TV is one of the most thrilling things that you could ever feel. It is also one of the dreams of many middle-class people who can’t afford too much on high-end TV. 

We do many circuses to convince our family to buy this idiot box. 4K Android TV is trending in marketplace. And it is quite affordable to pick this Smart device. 

But we have some questions, how to choose the best 4K Android TVs?

Hey, wait, are you searching for this question, guess what? you are in the right place. 

  1. What is a 4K Android TV?

When technology grows, the television industry rapidly gained more popularity. From best Smart TV to LED TV, the devices are perfectly designed for entertainment and as well as education purpose too. Smart TV is nothing but Android TV, the only difference is its operating systems. Here 4K means the resolution of your TV is 4 times bigger than normal high-definition TV. 4K Smart TV which supports any type of high-end games just like your smartphone. 

  1. Can I use a 4K Android TV for graphics designing work?

Why not, 4K Android TV specially designed for high-resolution picture quality. You can use it as your second big-screen monitor. The size of 4K is 3840 X 2160px and it is a 10-bit panel, with 10.7 billion colors that can be produced, any kind of your design work can be viewed in detail. So, it is a perfect fit for graphic designers. 

  1. Can I play Xbox games on 4K Android TV?

Yes, you can. Xbox games series now streaming on 4K Android TV and Apple IOS. Whereas LED TV running on android OS, since when Smart TV got changed, there is no need of connecting any additional device to your TV for playing games. 4K Android TV can run any kinds of game that you could install faster in the Google play store.

  1. Can I use a 4K TV for advertisement?

Yes, of course. As you move on with bigger sizes of the screen, the greater number of nits brightness of the TV also increases. So, you can use it for any commercial purpose too. It will be so effective and can engage a large audience emotionally with your content.

  1. Can I get theatre effects in Smart LED TV?

It is best to purchase a bigger screen, you will get a supreme premium view. While choosing a LED TV, the size of the resolution plays a huge role. Your best Smart TVs is well synchronized to Android phone. You can share your hotspot, files as well.

The finest part of 4K QLED TV is you can download, and watch any type of movie or OTT like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Paramount +, Discovery, National Geography, and many more. So, you can enjoy a theatre-level experience in one single display. What say? Good right!

Thinking to buy a new TV is a hectic process though it comes at an affordable price. Hope I have cleared the basics about 4K QLED TVs features and their usage. Don’t rush or tempt by seeing the price in online. Choose the best Smart TVs, which helps you with all your requirements. Good Luck!

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