The 10 Best Fashion Tips for Women Over 40

So, you have made it into your fourth decade of life, and when it comes to fashion, it is one of the best phases in life. By now you have your style all figured out it will just need a little tweaking to make it age-appropriate. If you are struggling to get some ideas, here are the 10 best fashion tips for women over 40.

Don’t Give Up On Heels

There is no reason why a woman that is over 40 shouldn’t wear heels. Even though sometimes it might be tempting just to put on your garden shoes and call it a day, heels will complete your outfits. Find heels that you feel comfortable walking in and you are good to go. Even if that means that you are wearing very high heels, if it’s something that brings you joy, do it.

Go For Mid-length Sleeves

Try to avoid wearing shirts that will cover your entire arms because they will eat you up. So, if you are wearing those kinds of shirts make sure that you are rolling the sleeves up. But if you can always opt for shirts that have mid-length sleeves. 

Invest In Accessories

You are a grown woman and you deserve to have proper accessories. Make sure that you are not embarrassed about having nice pieces of accessories that will act as statement pieces. A nice handbag is a temple piece and it will go with any age. A nice handbag or purse will always be used and it is definitely a piece that you should invest in.

Pick Solids Over Prints

Even though you shouldn’t throw away all your floral pieces, in general, you should choose simple natural solids. There is nothing that is more vestibule and that you can wear than whites, browns, blacks, and navy pieces. Not only that, but when wearing solids you will have the freedom to accessorize with whatever you want.

Treat Yourself To Quality Pieces You’ll Wear Forever

Just like investing in a nice and quality accessory, you should have long-lasting clothing pieces and quality. Find basic pieces of clothing that are made out of high-quality fabrics that you can dress up or dress down. Choose pieces that you will be able to wear throughout the season. The best things to invest in are good jeans and basic shirts.

Go For The Gold Jewelry

It is time to ditch the fake jewelry that will tarnish the second you touch them. What better time to level up than when you are past 40. You should opt for gold jewelry as it will make you look classy and put together. If you want you can take it up a notch and you can get an ear piercing. If you have your lobes pierced why not go for a double or even get your cartilage pierced. You are never too old to get new ear piercings.

Opt For Darker Wash Denim

Dark wash denim will make you look slimmer, it is a fact. The biggest plus besides making you slimmer, is that dark-washed denim is super simple to pair up with things compared to more bleached washes. The only thing that you should stray away from, but certainly don’t have to, are distressed or faded jeans.

Mix Your Own Style With A Trend You Like

As you already have your own style, you can top it off with a trend that you like. There are many trends that are coming back from the 90’ so choose ones that fit your style the best and have some fun.

Use Shapewear

If you are a bit uncomfortable showing off your body, there is no shame in using good ol’ shapewear. It was invented for a reason and uses it to hide the spots that you are insecure about.

Wear A Good Bra

Even though you should wear the right bra your whole life, wearing one that perfectly suits you and lifts you in all the right spots is critical. That is because it will give you the distance between your quest and your stomach.

Keep in mind that these tips are not set in stone and it is up to you and no one should tell you what or what not to wear. If you want to look young and hip do it, if you want to wear strictly business casual do it. It is your style and there are no rules you have to oblige. You are the greatest version of yourself and you are in charge of your style and likings.

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