What Services Does a Branding and Design Agency Provide

Branding agencies provide various services to help businesses create, develop, or extend their brand. Here we will look at seven services of branding and design agency that we have found to best focus your advertising and marketing strategy.

Seven Services of Branding and Design Agency

Logo design

Your logo design is the first glance of your brand. It must support brand awareness, helping clients identify your brand and offering them insight about your business. For the huge brands, their logos are sufficient to bring about powerful emotion in their clients. That is why rebranding should not be taken lightly.

Brand identity

Brand identity is a combination of all the elements that businesses use to present the right image to clients and potential clients. This is distinct from a brand’s image and entire branding, while sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably. Your audience associates the branding identity with your brand and helps establish a connection between you and your clients. Brand identity can build client loyalty and determine how your brand is seen.

Branding agencies can help you create a logo that seizes attention and builds a clearly obvious identity for your brand, also demonstrating your business values. You can use distinct logos, colors, and fonts to create a graphic representation of what your brand relies on. You can partner with a branding agency to maintain the graphic representation of your brand.

Brand messaging

Brand messaging includes the language, words, and phrasing used by your brand in your marketing materials and on your website. This encompasses marketing messaging, product messaging, and everything else. Your brand message is more than slogans, logos, and taglines, though those are its part.  Brand messaging encompasses verbiage around what you can provide clients, how your services, products, and brand experience correlate with your competitors, and what clients gain from you that they can’t gain elsewhere.

A branding and design agency can offer guidance on how to use all the essential information to create the appropriate message to reach your target audience. 

Branding positioning

Brand positioning is the most important strategy businesses use to make a unique brand image in the minds of their clients and potential clients. Brand positioning needs to be clear, desirable, specific, and discern from your competitors. Simply say, branding positioning is how you make your brand stand out.

Fortunately, a branding agency can help you with brand positioning. They use organization analysis and market research to find out what clients are looking for and what your business can really offer as compared to your competitors. After this, you can use that information to match your USP with the expectations of your potential clients.

Brand voice

Your brand should have a different voice. This is the way how you communicate with your audience and is described by who your target audience is, your business, and how you want to talk with your audience. Some brands are sassy, some friendly, and some are suit-and-tie professional. Your brand voice will maintain an emotional connection with your audience.

A Branding and design agency can help you get your brand voice. It can show you how to create it and use it. To do this, they will analyze your niche and industry, client’s base, and your company’s culture to find out what your brand voice may sound like.

Style guide

Once you have decided on a logo, and defined your brand identity, positioning, messaging, and brand voice, you have to put together a brand style guide to make sure that every individual of your team can use that information to further grow your brand. A brand style guide offers shareholders a way to show your brand across platforms in a consistent and cohesive way, using the right fonts, colors, and more.

A branding agency can help you create this guide, and you can then share it with stakeholders, influencers, employees, and others who work together with your brand. This removes the confusion of your brand’s representation.

A quick word about your social media branding

Social media must get specific attention in your brand style guideline. For social media branding, you can use your brand style guide, but various social media platforms may need changes in voice and messaging. This can be a little balancing act if you use platforms that have distinct goals like, Twitter and Linked In, for example.

Your Linked In content will have to stay within your brand voice and messaging with a more professional tone than you will use on Twitter where friendly content does much better.

Better branding = better business

Branding is a lot more than your logo, name, fonts, and color choices. All of these things and more create a complete brand experience in which your clients get to participate when interacting with your brand. It attracts the right audience to your businesses, wrapped up in a visually recognizable package. A branding and design agency is what will support your vision as well as bring your branding to life.

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