The pros of a salvage title

• The price is correct.

Okay, there’s only one “pro” here, but it’s big – you can save a lot of money. Being the frugal person that you are, this is, of course, your main reason for buying a salvage vehicle. Bailouts are relatively cheap, sometimes selling for pennies on the dollar. And you see the potential where no one else does. That potential comes in two forms. First of all, you may be looking at that salvage vehicle as a treasure trove of spare parts.

Many car fanatics buy salvage cars for that reason alone. Second, and more in line with our discussion here, you may want to have the vehicle repaired to use as an economy-type, out-of-stock ride at the home store. Here’s a secret. While in most cases insurers total vehicles because they cannot be repaired, they sometimes do so for other reasons.

Maybe they just didn’t look at the damage enough before making a decision. Either way, you are the one who can win.

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